Moroeanu & Asociaţii is a business-focused law firm serving sophisticated clients of all sizes and industries.

We enjoy an outstanding reputation when it comes to protect and defend clients's interest in different type of disputes and litigation.


is what we do best

Litigation it's all about precision. And with:

Over 1.000 Disputes & Resolutions conducted from 2020.

And more then 75% of the cases won at Supreme Court of Justice.

We know about sharp precision.

Insurance Litigation

is part and parcel of our practice

When we talk about insurance litigations, we talk about:

Over EUR 100 million in Disputes & Resolutions conducted from 2020.

And more than EUR 80 million won in favour of our clients.

So yes. We know about insurance litigation.

Labor & Employment

It's a practice where we have a strong background

Our attorneys have solid experience in all matter related to Labor & Employment law.

We represent different type of clients on a wide range of employment matters.

Business Law

In business we trust

We believe that entrepreneurs make the world better.

And by helping them, we contribute to a better world.

So yes.We help business to thrive.